As a services company, our carbon footprint is relatively small compared to businesses that manufacture products. However, we firmly believe that it is our corporate responsibility to take meaningful steps towards getting them to zero.

In addition to tracking and reporting, we believe in the importance of educating our employees about environmental sustainability to rally them around ways they can make a difference in their personal and professional lives.


We are dedicated to providing social opportunities, ensuring our impact goes beyond just staffing.

We strive for inclusivity at all levels — whether that means in the office or around the world, we are committed to making a difference across communities.

As a staffing company, our business is people and people are our business. Insight Global recognizes the various challenges that our employees, consultants, and their communities face. Through efforts such as DE&I, employee support groups, parental leave programming, and mental health initiatives we aim to enable our employees to live their fullest potential and encourage giving back to communities that need it most.

Through contributions to philanthropic efforts and charity partnerships including OneWorld Health, we’ve taken our impact beyond the office
to global communities.


When making our biggest and boldest decisions, we look at our Shared Values and our three governance tenets. They are, for that reason, foundational to our concept of governance.

Governance provides the guardrails for how we engage with and make decisions based on our Shared Values to ensure we are having the impact we want to have on our people, our consultants, our clients, and the world around us.

This is why our philosophy on governance is comprised of three absolutes that are necessary to the success of our people and our company: transparency, alignment, and representation.

Inaugural Impact Report

Together, anything is possible.