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E-Commerce / Online Shop Solutions

Today, millions of people are already doing their shopping online. The number of online shoppers has exploded as Internet access has become more affordable and easier to use. Businesses cannot afford not to have an online presence to cater for such demand.

We can supply a complete solution for your e-commerce / online shop requirements.

 Why would people shop online?

  1. save travelling time and money
  2. beat the crowds
  3. last minute shopping
  4. easier to find what you want
  5. shop when you want at any time of day or night
  6. look for bargains
  7. no annoying sales assistants
  8. no carrying of products home
  9. buy gifts without letting the cat out of the bag

So that is what the consumer can hope to achieve, but what about the retailer?

  1. your online store is working when your office closes i.e. 24/7, 365 days a year
  2. you dont have to pay for a saleman
  3. you dont need to pay for a company car
  4. no fuel to pay
  5. no mobile phone to pay
  6. your online store gives you total loyalty
  7. opportunity to sell outside of your normal geographical area
  8. better control over your costs
  9. add new products that can be purchased immediately
  10. encourage customers to look where you want them to.
  11. quickly add or remove a sale
  12. modify prices whenever you like
  13. its a joy to come into the office in the morning and see that you have new orders and money in the bank!

There are many more advantages to owning an online shop but this is just a taste of the benefits to owning and running an online store properly. As you can see, the benefits are on both sides of the table so be assured, online shopping is not only here to stay, but it will overtake retail bricks and mortar stores in a few years.

OK, so you are convinced that your company can benefit by selling your products online. What do you need to do next?

Primarily you need to find an expert who can develop your shop and work with you to achieve the results you require.

You need to think carefully about the following:

  1. Who your target market is.
  2. Are you selling abroad?
  3. What tax rates do you need to set
  4. What will you charge for delivery to different areas or countries?
  5. Remember this has to be automated so it requires a great deal of thought.
  6. How will you take payment?

There are various methods, most popular of which is Paypal that allows you to take payment by credit card or paypal account. However, you may want to have your payments going directly into your bank account. This requires a 3rd party clearance house and more charges, but is an extremely important decision in how your store operates.

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