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Data Sheets

A datasheet should provide a complete overview of your product. It should summarise enough information to generate a request for further information of to request a product evaluation.

IGL create our client's product datasheets to list all features, benefits, facts and specifications.

We write the copy in a formal and factual manner containing accurate hard data.

The IT industry leads the way in datasheet formatting and has set the standard for layout. Readers have now got used to this format and layout and any deviation can make it harder for the reader to find the information they are looking for or hamper them making comparisons against competitor products.

Target Audience
IGL takes great care to understand your target audience, as this is imperative before we can write your datasheet. If your potential customer is from a highly technical demographic, they will not want to read lots of words about the benefits of the product. They will understand the technology and will be focusing only on specific features. Less technical customers will need more help in order to make the connection between a feature and what it will do for them.

Datasheets can be deployed on through the website as downloadable PDFs or we can arrange to have them printed and delivered to you.

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