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Delivering the right solution for you through collaboration, design and innovation

Cloud Business Solutions

Custom business apps to fit with your business needs.


Web Development

Bespoke web solutions to manage, sell, support and train your customers on a local, regional, national or global basis.


E-Learning Solutiions

E-learning tutorials will strengthen your customer support, free up valuable time and bring continuity on training delivery.


How we work

Scoping | Concept Design | Prototyping | Development | Delivery

Every organisation small and large have their own unique terminology, internal processes and cultures. In order to provide the right solution for you we follow this process: 

  1. Scoping

    This work is taken on at risk where we take time to understand your business and processes. We list system and business requirements and produce a series of documents including a scope of work, a high-level process map, a concept app design and finally a prototype application to demonstrate some of the key features. This is done so that both the client and IGL can understand what the end solution will look like. 

  2. Quotation and Proposal

    Once the scoping is complete, a project plan and solution price is built and submitted in a formal proposal. The initial scoping work is priced into the first milestone of the project. All payment milestones and time scales will be clearly marked in with the proposal pricing. The proposal is priced and structured in such a way that the client can stage or phase modules to suit their time scales and budget. 

  3. Placement of Order

    On placement of order IGL will issue an invoice for the Scoping phase of the project which forms the initial deposit payment for the project. 

  4. Quick Base Realm or Website Hosting

    Quick Base Projects (Realm Setup)
    The client’s realm is set up on Quick Base and once the Quick Base account is activated IGL will transfer the prototype app over to the clients realm ready for starting the full development phase of the project. 

    Website Projects (Hosting)

    Initially the website will be developed on a development server and once ready to go live will be migrated to the live domain

  5. Subject Matter Experts

    It is critical that the client assigns key people to the project to work in collaboration with IGL. They will be added to the new App at the earliest opportunity in order to be able to test, review and provide feedback. This helps to speed up the development process and allows for applications to be delivered quickly in a phased approach.

  6. Development

    The Application is developed to the specifications defined and with larger projects, with phased milestones.  On completioin of a milestone / project internal testing and client acceptance testing is carried out. The clients appointed subject matter experts will be involved throughout the development stage of the project so that the project stayes on track and any variations can be managed between IGL and the client.


IGL has provided solutions across many industries including

Aerospace & Defence

IGL supplies technical documentation, e-learning and marketing solutions to organisations offering equipment, components, I.T hardware or consultancy to the aerospace and defence sector.


IGL have developed websites to list cars for sale, online interactive catalogues allowing for spare parts to be identified and purchased from exploded view illustrations and provided solutions to link stock, pricing and orders between the online shop and the companies ERP and accounting systems.


IGL supplies marketing and design services to support several leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for the construction industry. We have developed a series of e-learning tutorials and user guides to assist in the training and support of products sold to the Construction industry. All dedicated to health and safety while using the equipment on site.


Engineering is core to the UK's continued success and as such is a industry that needs to be supported. IGL works with many small, medium and large Engineering companies to help them develop their marketing and technical literature. We also develop presentations to help companies present future development projects to prospective clients/investors.

Event Management

IGL supported a leading UK Rally Car Show for the past 12 years, managing the events website, producing supporting marketing literature and designing the events Paddock Plan.

Farming & Rural Business Development

IGL developed and manages a website for a leading farm management company as well as supplying the organisation with marketing and design services. We have also developed online shops selling cattle feeders and accessories on an international basis.


We have developed specific applications to support HR departments in managing time off, HR case management, Occupational Health support, onboarding workflows and performance reporting.

Lifestyle & Leisure

From websites linked to cloud based booking systems in order to manage capacity, marketing and day to day management of diary's in spas, hair salons or sports centers. IGL has a full range of solutions making management in this area a lot more efficient and tailored to you.


IGL have provided website development, e-commerce solutions and QuickBase Apps for improving efficiency, sales and marketing small, medium and large wholesale distributors and logistic companies.


Insight works with many small, medium and large manufacturers, building custom Quick Base Apps to manage their processes from order intake through to delivery.  Providing them with the real time reporting that they need to make decisions and move forward.  Several clients have a full solution with us that includes full e-commerce websites linked into their management software on Quick Base.


IGL supplies technical and marketing literature for several leading manufacturers and suppliers of water & sewage pipe inspection equipment, water, chemical and sewage pumping systems, water leak detection instruments, Cable Fault locators and Cable avoidance systems.

Case Studies

Examples of solutions we have delivered for our clients

Debt Recovery and Credit Management App

Our client a specialist commercial debt recovery and credit management company required a new IT solution to replace their legacy Lotus Approach database.

Property Management App

IGL developed a full property management App bespoke to our clients needs and designed to work with their workflows throughout their organisation. 

Electronics Parts Catalogue

Our client a supplier of automotive parts to the motor industry needed a solution for managing their parts and keeping there distributors world-wide up to date with latest pricing, availability and technical information.

Specialist IT Company

IGL works with a large IT company supplying specialist solutions in order to develop a full Quick Base solution covering Customer Catalogues, Quoting, Project Management and Assett Tracking.  

Full Sales, Operations and Procurement Management Application

Our client a leading online timber merchant in the UK. Supplying high quality hardwoods and softwoods to the joinery, carpentry, retail and building trade as well as the public needed to replace their ERP system with a bespoke solution that provided greater reporting.

First Aid Training Company

IGL has developed a full online E-Learning platform and Paediatric First Aid course for Wiltshire First Aid.  The platform works alongside their Quick Base CRM and Course Management App

Get more done in the cloud

 We develop online applications designed to work with you

Insight Global are part of an exclusive network of 45 Quick Base Solution Providers globally who deliver agile cloud computing solutions. Quick Base is dynamic user-friendly online app development software. Scalable and adaptable Quick Base supports the needs of your company and your business processes - it is permanently malleable.

We are a solutions company - here to understand your challenges, identify where we can help and offer solutions that are innovative and future proof, very few UK SMEs are yet to use this technology - it is huge in the US, Google and over 50% of the Fortune 100 use it.




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