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Quickbase for Debt Recovery and Credit Management App

Our client is a specialist commercial debt recovery and credit management company who required a new IT solution to replace their legacy Lotus Approach database.

System Requirements - Quickbase for debt recovery app

The client wanted to improve their workflow and processes so that work could be shared more efficiently across their team whilst retaining consistency in their delivery.

They also required the ability for team members to work remotely, either at their clients premises or the flexibility of working from home.

Later the system would need a login function so that their clients could work in collaboration with them.


The Solution

IGL introduced the client to Quick Base. Quick Base presented the perfect solution providing the following benefits:

  • Cloud Based Solution – The clients team can operate from anywhere working from real time data

  • Quick Base is accessible on all internet enabled devices and supports all web browsers including Windows and Mac.

  • Peace of Mind – Data is secure and backed up, held off site so the company can continue working in any event

  • Multiple Roles – Data is accessed dependent on roles and permissions within the App (QuickBase Database Application)

IGL migrated Approach across to Quick Base where the client can access data on any web enabled device, work from home, office or at their clients and have reduced hardware running costs.

Working in collaboration with the client, IGL was able to build tailored work flows and reporting that improves day to day efficiency. Letters, reports and legal referrals can all be generated, issued and tracked through the system.


The client is now embracing cloud computing that Quick Base offers. They have a much improved system that has streamlined the way they work increasing their capacity to handle and help more clients going forward.

As new staff are taken on, induction training has been reduced due to the intuitive way that Quick Base works, together with processes that are easy to follow.

Client Support

All staff can easily update clients on progress with notes, tasks and statuses clearly displayed and quick to find on the system. This reduces the need for client call backs with many enquiries being answered instantly.

Client Login

A further improvement for credit control services is a new login capability where their clients can login and track progress on their accounts, add new accounts for collection and improve co-ordination between the client and the collection agency.

Debt Recovery App Features

Collection Agency Role

  • Administrator / Manager / Superviser / Collector User Roles
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Credit Management Work Flow
  • Debt Recovery Work Flow
  • Legal Work Flow
  • Letter Generation from Templates
  • Financial and Activity Reports - internal
  • Financial and Activity Reports - External
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Staff assignment and update notifications

Client Login Facility

Clients can login and quickly view the following:

  • Active Debt Summary
  • All Debts by Status Pie Chart
  • Active Debts
  • Summary of Paid Debts
  • Add a Debtor
  • Add a Debt

Clients receive automated reports and notifications by email


We were using Lotus Approach as a DCA database for many years but had to source an alternative platform when Lotus Approach became obsolete.

It was my ambition to find an alternative platform that could be adapted to give my company the best of Lotus Approach but ideally to be cloud based so that we could continue to expand our business but able to access our data in a secure manner from anywhere in the world.

We interviewed various software houses and looked at a number of off-the-shelf options but not one provided us with the right solutions at an affordable cost. This was until we started to speak with Insight Global Ltd.

Insight Global Ltd took time to listen to our objectives and understand our needs including our business processes in order to provide us with a plan.

It was then that Insight Global introduced QuickBase to us and demonstrated that it would not only do everything that Lotus Approach could do but could indeed do a lot more and was cloud based. It was also very competitively priced.

Working closely with Insight Global we now have what I consider to be the best bespoke DCA database I have ever seen as it meets all of our exacting requirements including specific client login facilities; real time client reporting; immediate assignment of task notifications and management reporting functionality. We can export data and reports in a seamless manner.

This has enabled my company to forge closer working relationships with our clients and to grow the business.

The potential for Insight Global to adapt QuickBase to a variety of disciplines seems limitless and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services to any business that has the desire to improve and prosper.

Richard Matthews MCICM
Managing Director

Collection House Limited




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