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Domain Suspension Notice Scam Alert

There are a number of bogus emails from legitimate domain registrars quoting that your domain name has been suspended due to a violation of your terms and conditions as shown in the following example

Ever Present Cyber Threat

Hacking is on the increase and internet business is under threat. It is key that applications, server software and firewalls are all updated as and when required and locked down.

Removing Biases in Decision Making

When senior managers and business owners are making critical decisions in their business, are these decisions made irrationally or based on personal bias?

Many academics have carried out research in economics and psychology and suggest that decision-making left down to people will be irrational.

10 Key Steps to a Successful Project

1.0 Fully Scope The Project
Before starting a project, fully understand and scope the project to ensure it has merit. Projects need "buy-in" from Stakeholders and need to be based on solid foundations. Gain an understanding of stakeholder interests and expectations and how they relate to their vision of a successful project.




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