5 Reasons to Use a Recruitment Agency for Your Next Hire

Now more than ever, the competition to hire qualified talent may feel overwhelming.  When your company needs to find new employees, you can’t afford to waste time or money. From writing the job vacancy, to sourcing candidates, coordinating interviews, negotiating offers, onboarding and training, hiring a new employee can prove quite the process.  Luckily, there’s another way.

Whilst some hiring managers lean on in-house talent acquisition or human resources to solve their talent needs, utilising a recruiting firm can often quicken and streamline the process, and provide access to higher quality candidates.

Still unsure if you should consider outsourcing your next hire? We’ve outlined the top 5 reasons to use a recruiting firm below:

  1. Hire Quickly
  2. Increase Access to Qualified Candidates
  3. Save Money
  4. Streamline Recruitment Process
  5. Improve Employee Retention


Hire Quickly

When a hiring team posts a job vacancy online, and hopes the right candidate stumbles upon the opening, this often results in hundreds of CV submissions, very few of them being the right fit.  Sifting and sorting through these unqualified or mismatched CVs can result in hours wasted. Not to mention the time spent technically screening, arranging interview diaries, and negotiating offers.

Whilst in-house talent teams may work efficiently, recruiting firms like Insight Global  often employ a high volume of recruiters, all with their own personal networks of candidates in their respective local markets.  On any given day, a recruiter may speak with 20 job seekers or more.  Insight Global specifically employs 3,000 full-time recruiters, who conduct upwards of 40,000 screening conversations daily. This expansive network of recruiters allows the candidate identification and screening process to be reduced to as little as 24-48 hours upon vacancy intake.

Increase Access to Quality Candidates

You don’t need more CVs, you need the right CVs.

With increasing vacancies, combined with a tight labour market, the need for qualified candidates has never been more competitive.  In many cases, the most skilled workers are not even actively searching for new opportunities.  Those “passively” in the market can be more difficult to reach, and advertise vacancies to. So how does an employer attract the best talent?

Recruitment agencies often deal with hundreds of vacancies a day.  This insight allows them to know how to make an open vacancy stand out among the rest. When you work with a recruiting firm, they can write, or re-write your vacancy description in a way that will entice top talent to apply. They also steer away from common pitfalls that make openings look less attractive.

A great recruiting firm takes the time to get to know your company and it’s specific needs. A dedicated hiring partner works to understand not just the technical requirements of a role, but the team culture and dynamic. This type of qualification and culture matching cannot be achieved by blind sourcing candidates online. When these types of qualifications are being screened on the forefront, it saves time ensuring only those that meet these expectations are being sent to the next interview step.

Save Money

Where and how you advertise your vacancy plays a critical role in attracting the right candidates to apply. The way an opening is presented and where it is placed will determine the types of job seekers who are attracted to the role enough to submit their CV.

Advertising on job boards can be expensive, and the best talent is often spread across various platforms.  Most recruiting firms have relationships with sourcing platforms that allow them to post and promote your unique needs across various job boards.  This ensures your vacancy is given the best opportunity to be seen by the most (and right) eyes.

Once a partnership is established, Insight Global posts and advertises your vacancies across multiple platforms on your behalf, including, but not limited to:

  • Linkedin
  • Indeed
  • TotalJobs
  • CV Library
  • CareerBuilder


Streamline Hiring Process

When job seekers are actively in the market, they are usually applying to, and fielding multiple opportunities at once.  Therefore, efficiency during the hiring process is essential to ensure candidate retention, and a successful onboarding experience.

For a hiring team, working with one point of contact is also critical. One partner helps to organise the candidates, structure the interviews, and streamline feedback.  This approach limits redundancy, and delegates recruiting responsibilities to a single trusted resource.

Recruiting firms like Insight Global also serve as the main point of contact for the worker throughout their assignment to handle aspects related to payroll, benefits, upskilling, and more.

Improve Employee Retention

Whilst hiring the right talent is crucial, retaining those employees matters even more.  When an individual begins a new role, they need to feel supported and taken care of in their new work environment. With consistent communication and check points, recruiting firms assure employee’s expectations are being met in their new workplace.

Throughout their working tenure, Insight Global maintains a close relationship with the worker to guide them through career development, identify upskilling opportunities, and support vocational advancement.

Losing a staff member can cost a company a lot of money, and further impact the working culture.  A recruiting partner can help employees feel secure and satisfied in their professional lives.


If your company has open vacancies, and you are interested in hiring skilled workers quickly, visit Recruitment Agency | Fill a Vacancy | Temporary & Permanent Staff and let Insight Global make hiring easy.