Difficult Times Made Easier

ktimms_1.pngNo question, we all agree that times are tough. Business is harder to win and the competition is keen, everywhere. So what can you do to give you that edge, the difference between winning and losing business? There are a number of areas that make a difference: If your costs are under control and you are working ‘lean’ then you have that little more headroom when it comes to contract quotation. Vital however is the fact that, if your sales team is well trained and motivated with excellent customer relationship skills it’s you that will be remembered by clients when it comes down to the decision making. So let’s look at an example of what does make a difference:

Communication is one of the primary reasons that businesses don’t win business! Here is an example based on a true story (I won’t name the Company, it’s simply too embarrassing). An enquiry was received for product valued at close to £250,000. The sales manager who received the enquiry was ’busy’ so passed it to a junior who looked at the request and then stuck a quotation with some leaflets in the post. Result? No business! Next time you consider a cut back in training and development, consider the real cost of not having defined standards and levels of behavior. The time/cost taken to properly train and motivate sales teams always pays dividends. Relationships are the key and without them you are just ‘run of the mill’.

That relationship edge does make a difference when it comes down to the final decision that could win you business…..”Who do I want to work with, the company that talks and walks or the company that sends me post?” Imagine if the sales manager had picked up the phone and spoken directly to the potential customer, had arranged an on-site visit, had taken some samples, and had made the potential customer feel ‘valued’!

Insight's Pegasus Division  recognises the value of people and we have a variety of leadership and assessment courses that can tell you where your staff and management sit right now in their development, attitude and application and whether they have further leadership potential. We can stress test individuals and teams at all levels, we can train staff in basic business and personnel relationship skills, simple project management principles, sales management and finally, communication, all carried out by ex military training consultants who worked at the highest levels and with standards second to none. If that’s not enough, we can add highly experienced management level business consultants who drive a number of programmes that can drive your costs down and improve your margins in all areas of your business.

We lead by example, so our first visit to discuss your needs and where we might be of assistance costs you nothing. You have absolutely nothing to loss and a great deal to gain. Talk to us today, you will not be disappointed!

Kevan Timms
Director of Business Development

Difficult Times Made Easier


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